Halal Sparkling Wine? Yes please!

Halal Sparkling Wine? Yes please!

27 Aug 2014

New 24 carat gold embellished drink comes with 0% alcohol content

Now this is a product launch we totally love! Grab the ladies and get your hands on a bottle of the latest trendy beverage - a 100% halal sparkling wine that comes all embellished with 24-carat gold detailing for that extra bit of sparkle.

Made in the exact same way as regular grape beverages, Lussory is a 100% halal product with 0% alcohol content. Perfect for food pairing, cooking a delicious bolognaise sauce or splashing a little in when making a bouillabaisse, the halal sparkling wine will add some pep to your kitchen prep. And just imagine the delicious mocktails you could create with this one!

Packed up glamorously in a hand crafted Italian glass bottle with a 24 carat gold leaf rising and falling with the bubbles in your glass, Lussory is sure to impress the gals at your next dinner party.

INFO: Available at Bystro, Al Manara, opposite Times Square and Galleries Lafayette at Dhs550 per bottle