UPDATED! Halal Nail Polish Bottle is Unveiled!

UPDATED! Halal Nail Polish Bottle is Unveiled!

08 Jun 2014

Emirati brand reveals compliant beauty buy

Nail narcissists are already stocking up pre-Ramadan on the beauty buy that created the biggest stir at this year’s Beauty World Middle East showcase; H by BCI, a nail polish that has been officially certified as halal and now we reveal a first-look at the bottle!

BCI Group unveiled the niche product aimed squarely at beauty buyers from the region and have been astonished at the overwhelming response from beauty experts who want to have their tips and toes religiously compliant during Ramadan.

The certificate from the Al Iman Islamic Society confirms the polish, in six hues ranging from gold to red, has been awarded halal status. Islam requires women to remove their nail polish before praying because it prevents the water reaching the skin; the increased water permeability of this local brand will allow water to penetrate to the nails and is therefore wudu-friendly. For a product to be certified halal, it also can't contain alcohol, fragrances or animal ingredients and should carry a guarantee that it hasn't been tested on animals.

Brands like Inglot, Tuesday in Love, Suncoat and Acquarella (which is allegedly vegan) who have previously tried to capture this market (reputed to be worth between Dhs18-51 billion according to estimates) by using the halal label in their publicity have met with mixed reactions, and at times, outright condemnation. The debate has created much-controversy even amongst religious scholars themselves who are divided as to whether wearing nail polish at all, no matter how permeable, is allowed. Perhaps this local product with an official certificate might buck the trend.

INFO: Dhs60, available at all leading salons and spas across the UAE