Hair SOS With Andy Uffels

Celebrity stylist and Philips artistic director Andy Uffels answers all of your haircare dilemmas
Tuesday , 03 May 2011
Hair SOS With Andy Uffels
Andy Uffels

Celebrities change their hairstyles and colour more often than a chameleon, which is why keeping up with the latest hair trends can be a tad tricky. Do I go dark and sultry like Katherine Heigl or opt for sun-kissed tresses like Rachel McAdams? Even after you’ve fi nally picked the colour, who has time to keep hair looking good, especially when you’ve spent the weekend trashing your tresses in the sun, sea and surf. But fear not, help is at hand in the form of the lovely Andy Uffels. Andy was art of the hair team at Paris and Milan fashion weeks for the autumn/winter 2010 collections, so he knows all the latest trends. Here, the man who sports a fi ne mane of hair himself, answers all of your burning (fi guratively speaking) hair questions.

Q: What’s the one hair product l absolutely need in my beauty cabinet?
A: “Right now, it’s the heat protection spray – you can just spray and spray and spray again without getting any build up. It also smoothes the hair down, stops it from getting damaged and makes it a lot more manageable.”

Q: How Can I Keep My Style In The Heat?
A:“A surf spray is my secret weapon, as it’s great for creating volume. It’s also perfect for using in the UAE, because the salt dries the hair out. Massaging the scalp very softly also creates volume. The number one rule is that you must touch your hair as little as possible, because this is a big cause of grease.”

Q: What are the hottest looks for autumn and winter?
A:“It’s back to nature for colour – three shades in the hair, but still natural. However, for lack it’s raven black, with one colour all over. Brown hair will need three tones in a lighter variation than the basic tone, same for blondes. The most important thing is the depth and shade you bring in there. Bright, unnatural reds are not in season at all for winter. Style wise, we’ve seen the waves for many seasons and lots of people are still pushing it. But we’ll be using less of the crimping iron and concentrating on more natural-looking waves. These days there isn’t one direction for hair, but healthy tresses is the base of every style and so very important.”

Q: I Want To Take Care Of My Hair, But Never Seem To Have Time For Masks And Things. What Can I Do That’s Quick?
A:“If you don’t have the time, leave-in conditioner is a must. The second hing is to use the right brush as that can really help you save time. And always use a heat protection spray as this saves all hair. If you straighten your locks, but don’t want to spend hours on styling, then Philips Salon Straight Sonic Straightener saves about 30 per cent of your time. It’s a lot quicker, because it divides the hair much better on the plates, which means you only have to do each part of your hair once.”

Q: My hair always looks flat. How can I get more volume?
A:“If you have quite fine hair, ask your hairdresser to use the slicing technique when you next go for a cut. This creates a shorter length in between the hair strands and supports the rest of your hair. You do need a good hairdresser for this, because if they cut it too short, the shorter bits will stick up. Ask them to do just the top section of your hair as this is where you want the volume, anything below won’t work because the hair will drop down regardless. This style of cut will open up your hair. The shorter lengths are there on top, giving you the volume, but you can’t see them.”

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