Hackers Label Kanye West a Loser

Pranksters linked Yeezy to Loser.com
Monday , 02 March 2015
Hackers Label Kanye West a Loser
Mean: Kanye West is not a Loser.com

Here at Ahlan! HQ we don't condone name calling one bit, but after his latest spate of bad behaviour we think it may be justified.

Rapper Kanye West has fallen victim to a high-profile internet hoax after pranksters linked his Wikipedia page to a website called Loser.com. (Stop laughing). 

The web address has been tied to West's page on the information portal in a stunt which is believed to be in retaliation for his recent criticisms of rocker Beck, who released a song called Loser in 1993, and his behaviour towards BBC chat show host Jonathan Ross in which he displayed his immaturity by refusing to speak to Ross.

The prank comes just weeks after Beck was targeted by hackers in the aftermath of his best album win at the Grammy Awards last month when West stormed the stage in protest and later urged the musician to hand the trophy to pop star Beyonce.

Hackers then attacked Beck's Wikipedia page and rewrote his biography to accuse him of "stealing... Best Album of the Year... from Beyonce at the 2015 Grammy Awards."

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