Hacker transfers almost Dhs 2MILLION to company in Dubai

Hacker transfers almost Dhs 2MILLION to company in Dubai

06 Sep 2017

He stole the money from an account in Seattle

Here's something you don't read every day.

An unknown hacker has gone out of his way to make a quick buck it seems! The unidentified man hacked into the accont of an American in Seattle, stole USD500,000 (Dhs 1,880,000) and transferred the money not to himself, but to a financial services company in Dubai.

His intention? To invest said money in the stock market. Risky, don't you think?

The victim of the crime contacted the company in Dubai upon discovering that his money had been stolen, but unfortunately, while the company admitted to receiving the money, they refused to return it!

This prompted a case, and when auditors were assigned to investigate, they found that the money had infact been transferred without the account owner's knowledge.

After the investigation was complete, the American did get his money back, along with an additional 9 percent interest rate, so we guess all's well that ends well!