Gwyneth Paltrow Backtracks On "Conscious Uncoupling"

"It's a dorky phrase"
ByFarah AndrewsThursday , 27 September 2018
Gwyneth Paltrow Backtracks On "Conscious Uncoupling"

Gwyneth Paltrow has dubbed "conscious uncoupling", the infamous phrase she used to describe her divorce, "dorky".

The Goop founder and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin were mocked when they used the phrase to announce their breakup in 2014 after 10 years of marriage. Speaking on The Goop Podcast to mark a decade since the brand's launch, the Shakespeare in Love actress admitted it ranked as one of her more "cringeworthy" pronouncements.

"Do I regret consciously uncoupling?", she mused, when asked if she regretted the use of the phrase. "No, not at all... the term is a bit dorky.

"I think I have learnt so much through this process. Sometimes, when I look back at some of my most vulnerable moments, I was super earnest and sometimes that's just cringeworthy, where you're like, 'Oh why did I do that?' But this was a time when I was in a lot of pain."

Gwyneth, who shares daughter Apple, 14, and son Moses, 12 with Chris, went on to explain that the pain was due to the failure of her marriage, and the disappointment of their family breaking up.

"I think Chris and I are very like-minded and that we really were disappointed that our marriage wasn't going to work, and we weren't going to have the thing where you're married to the parent of your children for the rest of your lives."

The couple separated four years ago, filing for divorce in 2015 before finalising the split in 2016. Gwyneth is now engaged to TV executive Brad Falchuk and is expected to remarry in this month.

The 45-year-old, who launched London's first Goop pop-up store on Tuesday (25Sep18), has previously explained the phrase accurately expressed how she was feeling at the time

"People are coming around. I know it’s a dorky term, but it’s very worthwhile. I’m always the person who gets **** at first, but then later people say, 'Hey, maybe that’s a good idea," she told The Edit.