gwyneth paltrow likes dakota

Gwyneth Paltrow adores her ex-husband's girlfriend

10 Jun 2019

In all fairness, Dakota truly is adorable

Gwyneth Paltrow "adores" her ex-husband Chris Martin's girlfriend Dakota Johnson.

Gwyneth and the Coldplay rocker announced they were splitting up in 2014, but have remained on good terms and have holidayed with their kids, Apple, 15, and Moses, 13, as well as the Iron Man actress' new husband Brad Falchuk.

She has also been pictured partying with Dakota, 29, and is full of praise for her ex's new lover, who he has been dating since 2017.

"I adore her," she tells Britain's Sunday Times Style magazine. "She's a fantastic woman."

The star says Chris is also on good terms with her new man, a screenwriter she describes as "crazytown handsome" and married last year.

"Chris is family and Brad and he, they're like, totally friends," she gushes.

Despite having been married for almost nine months, the couple still live apart, with Brad staying at his own house with his children, Brody and Isabella, three nights a week, and at hers the other four nights.

It's an arrangement the 46-year-old star insists keeps things fresh, saying: "Oh, all my married friends say that the way we live sounds ideal and we shouldn't change a thing."

Gwyneth is so smitten with her beau, she's even agreed to act in his new Netflix show The Politician, despite having gone into semi-retirement to focus on her Goop lifestyle business.

"He said to me, 'I'm writing this part for you," she explains. "I know you are never going to do it, I just want you to know I'm writing it for you.' I didn't want to, but I could tell he really, really wanted me to do it and so I said yes. I play a wealthy Montecito mom."