Gwen Stefani takes over Dubai's deserts

The singer is in the city for an exclusive performance
ByMashal AbbasiMonday , 04 December 2017
Gwen Stefani takes over Dubai's deserts
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Gwen chilling with a falcon in Dubai

Gwen Stefani loves Dubai, and her Instagram is proof!

The singer is currently in the city, and is clearly enjoying it! Just yesterday she experienced Dubai's essential desert safari. Wearing a traditional cloth on her face to cover her nose and mouth from the dust, she took to not only the dunes, but also held a falcon and rode a camel!

Here's how it all went down.

Gwen arrived in the desert and was first fitted with a traditional turban, which she seemed to love.

It was then tied around her nose and mouth to protect her from the dust while hitting the dunes.

She then shared this stunner, I mean look at those eyes!

A few more selfies followed, before they headed off to their ride

And what a ride it is! Perfect for dune bashing.

Riding the dunes

Gwen is really enjoying the Dubai weather

Following her dune ride, the singer took to Dubai's traditional animals, posing with a falcon.

She even took a selfie with her camel following a nighttime ride!

Ending the evening with some R and R

Follow along her instastories to see more, this is just a sneak peek!

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