Gwen & Daisy’s bitter Feud!

After years of family fighting, Gavin Rossdale’s daughter and wife finally buried the hatchet last week, all thanks to little Kingston!
Wednesday , 23 December 2009
Gwen & Daisy’s bitter Feud!

When British model Daisy Lowe was revealed to be Gwen Stefani’s husband, Gavin Rossdale’s daughter instead of her godfather, the A-list was griped as the two families went very publicly to war.

As Daisy’s mum Pearl slammed Gavin as “sick” after she claimed he severed all ties with Daisy upon discovering paternity, and Gwen threatened to divorce the Brit rocker in light of the revelations, the Sweet Escape singer and the then 14-year-old Daisy embarked on a bitter feud that began in 2003 and ended just last week.

And after Daisy was spotted taking her half-brother Kingston out for a walk in London, the two families appeared to have buried the hatchet – Ahlan! reveals the bitterness behind their feud and how they’re healing the rift...

Gwen: ‘Devastated and Infuriated’

After a DNA test confirmed that Gavin was Daisy’s father, according to Stefani sources, Gwen was “absolutely furious” and threatened to kick the Brit rocker out, after just one year of marriage.

Said to be “devastated and infuriated” at the revelations, insiders claim Gwen insisted Gavin have nothing more to do with his daughter – sparking the six-year feud with her stepdaughter.

And Pearl Lowe revealed of the split, “He [wouldn’t] talk to me. He was always shouting at [Daisy]. And then he just stopped talking to her.”

Kingston Heals The Rift

Sources say that over the past few weeks, Gavin reached out to his estranged daughter via email, contact which resulted in Daisy visiting the North London home he shares with Gwen, to visit the half-brother Pearl said “she’s never seen.”

Said by pals to be “thrilled” to meet her sibling, sources also say that the froideur between Daisy and Gwen has thawed, after the singer allowed Daisy to take Kingston out.

“They’re definitely not best friends, but overtures have been made by both sides,” spilled an insider. “Daisy was thrilled to finally meet her half-brothers Kingston and Zuma.”

Daisy ‘Hurt By Rejection’

Blaming the Cool singer for her dad’s defection, Daisy was said to be totally devastated when Gavin severed all ties with her, as he had been a particularly doting godfather.

And Pearl insisted that Gav’s name was “banned in my household.” Adding of his rejection of Daisy, “He’s missing out on an amazing girl.” And the ex-Powder frontwoman claimed, “[Daisy] lost her self-worth. Because when someone rejects you like that, you wonder what’s wrong with you.

When he had his baby with Gwen, Daisy’s half-brother, he didn’t even tell her.”