Guys, Dubai has just opened a 'selfie museum'

Guys, Dubai has just opened a 'selfie museum'

08 Jan 2020

Calling all aspiring influencers

Okay, so the world might have officially gone mad - Dubai has just gotten its first 'selfie museum' and no, we're not kidding. 

This venue, named 'The Selfie Kingdom' has opened near the Expo2020 site, and has 15 different spots where you can get some pretty cool pictures. 

It taps into the Instagram generation, with a claim that it aims to 'inspire creativity, art, design and promote digital content'. 

There are 15 rooms to choose from, which will be remoddled every few months, according to the press release. All have Instagrammable backdrops for people to take snaps in. 

It'll cost you Dhs55 per hour to get your happy snaps, children are Dhs45 and you can book at