Guys, Barasti Now Has A Loyalty Card

Guys, Barasti Now Has A Loyalty Card

13 Mar 2018

Just another reason to hangout there?

Barasti fans will be jumping with joy, because they have *finally* launched a rewards program. Which means you're literally getting rewarded for hanging out there. 

The Barasti B Club Loyalty Card rewards members with incredible discounts and benefits ranging from beverages and watersport discounts to priority access to all of their world-class events.

And getting one of the cards isn't too difficult. You just need to make your way down to the beach hangout and buy one from one of the team members. Here is the catch, though, it's Dhs450. 

However, when you register for your card, you'll walk away with a complimentary bucket of ice hops, and a year of Barasti benefits.

What does it get you?

  • Flashing the loyalty card will get you 20 percent off beverages and watersports for yourself and three friends before 9pm
  • B Club members get two beach towels per visit
  • You're guaranteed to be on the New Year's Eve guest list and other major events, with advanced ticket info, priority access to special events and a queue jump 
  • Heaps of other fun benefits

Who's signing up?

For more information, visit