Gundeep Singh

04 Mar 2013

Founder of The Change Initiative

In April 2012, this savvy, eco-conscious entrepreneur gave us no excuse not to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle when he opened his store in Dubai selling a range of environmentally-friendly goods, energy-saving gadgets and a responsible way of life.

So, how’s business?
For a company this young and this different we’re seeing great progress. We have more and more people believing in the philosophy every single day.

What do you sell?
Everything from a bar of soap to a car.

What was the inspiration behind The Change Initiative?
The world is staring at a stark reality where it is going to experience a paucity of resources and sustainable choices in every aspect of life.

Why has the UAE got such a high environmental footprint?
A number of reasons: high per capita income, subsidised resources, no taxes, a hot climate, marginal public transportation, and a low-cost of living that all lead to a ‘enjoy it while it lasts’ lifestyle.

How are you spreading the word?
People have to take charge of their own actions and thus it starts with ‘me’. The Change Initiative does not believe that sustainable living has to be a mandate but should be a lifestyle that comes from making responsible choices. We’re educating, demonstrating and delivering a range of solutions for people to adopt.

How do you lead a more sustainable life?
I’ve tried to make my home as sustainable as possible – from LED lights to glass flooring, FSC-certified furniture and energy and water-efficient appliances.

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