Guide to Your First (or Fastest) 10K Marathon

15 Oct 2012

It’s running season! So switch off the aircon, pull on your trainers and get ready to score a personal best

Your 10k Running Plan
If you’ve completed your 5km, it’s time to take it to the next level. This eight-week schedule designed by Guillaume Mariole of Ignite Fitness and Wellness,  will help you coast through your next big challenge - a 10k.

Sundays and Thursdays
After a five-minute warm up run at a comfortable pace for the designated mileage.

Do a cross training activity such as bootcamp or Box-Fit.

These distances should be run at 75 per cent of your max. If you’re not sure what that pace is, whilst running you would still be able to hold a conversation with someone beside you.

Wednesdays and Saturdays
These are rest days.  Do not ignore rest days, as they are important to your recovery and injury prevention efforts.

Fridays are active recovery days.  Run at an easy, comfortable pace to help loosen up your muscles.  Or, do a run/walk combination; join Ignites free running sessions held every Friday.

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