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Greg Malouf

19 Mar 2015

The multi-Michelin-starred chef’s Clé Dubai caused a culinary stir

What brought me to Dubai was the opportunity to cook contemporary Arabian cuisine in the Middle East. Once the doors open you forget the overall frustration and stress that comes with opening a new restaurant. 
I’m a working chef and part of the kitchen team, so I spend all of my day at the restaurant. I don’t get home until midnight most nights. 
Routine is not my forté. I get up in the morning, make myself a coffee and enjoy the spectacular view of the Burj Khalifa from my window. I like to start my mornings relaxing by listening to Mozart’s Requiem before going to work.
What defines a good chef is how well they rise after they fall. I have never forgotten this lesson taught to me in the Eighties.  
The kitchen can be a very selfish, self-centered environment and most chefs get caught up in that. I too fell prey to this trap once and wish I hadn’t.
Anyone who’s ever attempted to lose weight knows first-hand just how challenging it is. It takes commitment, time, effort, and sacrifice. It’s tough, both physically and mentally, so I consider my weight loss and dedication to a healthier lifestyle a big achievement. 
I was given Life of Pi to read when I was ill. It captivated me, transporting me from the hospital bed to another world. It helped me overcome the challenges I was facing.
My most prized possession? My third heart. I’ve had two transplants. 

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