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Get the inside goss from the blogosphere on all things fashion
Ana Simonovic
Ana Simonovic
Tinayums Bernice
Tinayums Bernice

With the Grazia Style Awards fast approaching Ahlan! decided to go behind the scenes of the newly contested Best Bloggers category at this year’s awards to find out more about the faces at fashions forefront. From Hellwafashion to Shades and Coffee we find out why blogging is on the up and discover the secrets to their online style success.

Maha of Born in Egypt, raised in New Zealand and Saudi, Maha was brought up with a family obsessed with fashion and it shows.
Ahlan!:Is the business of blogging rising in the Middle East and if so does it have an impact on the buying public?
Maha:I believe that bloggers have gained a lot of recognition lately that has allowed them to become an influence within their own communities. Most fashion blogs not only inspire fashion trends but also promote designers and labels they like, which can in turn affect sales. I think it goes far beyond just sharing our views.

Ana aka the ‘Goddess of shoes and chit chat’ and blogger at is an architect by profession but loves talking all things heels in her spare time. is a Dubai based fashion blog that talks about the latest in the world of shoes.
Ahlan!:Who are your favourite regional designers and why?
Ana:I love Ayesha Depala gowns. Her sophisticated and rich designs deserve to be seen on the red carpets, alongside Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad – other designers I appreciate a lot. Amato by Furne One was a refreshing discovery, so was Mona Fares and her Neon Edge.

Bebhinn of Hellwafashion.
Ahlan!:What is your number one style tip for Spring Summer 2011?
Bebhinn:If you wear white, you’ll be alright!
Ahlan!:The award for best dressed cartoon character in your opinion would go to?
Bebhinn:Jessica Rabbit for red carpet style and Donald Duck because nautical style comes around every couple of years and never really goes away.

Mahryska is a professional photographer who loves to show the beauty of the world which she does through
Ahlan!:Who are your styling mentors?
Mahryska:I absolutely adore the Olsen twins because they are just amazing. Also Victoria Beckham because the women seriously knows how to dress up. Of course I cannot forget SJP of SATC – Carrie will always be my love!
Ahlan!:Who are the designers to watch out for?
Mahryska:Furne One and Michael Cinco. These two designers have been making waves not just here in the Middle East but internationally as well as back home in the Philippines. I am so proud of them.

Tinayums Bernice, is a professional photographer and she blogs at
Ahlan!:If you had Dhs500 to spend what would you buy?
Tinayums:A statement bag at Zara

Ahmad is a fashion editor with his finger firmly on the pulse which he shares at
Ahlan!:How long have you been a blogger and what got you into it?
Ahmad:I have been blogging for more than a year and I started because I felt there was an over saturated with all the information about men’s fashion. I was surrounded by people in the industry who could help me with clear information and material for my blog. I blog whenever I feel like I have something worthy of contributing.

Zahra is the founder of and she also works at Tashkell Art Gallery and is the Creative Director at The Fashion Network.
Ahlan!:Describe what style means to you in your own words?
Zahra:Style is all about self expression. My style totally depends on my mood. I am not the kind of person that can lay out an outfit the night before because I’m probably going to change my mind the next morning...

Nadia blogs at and is a fashion student with a passion for sharing her new discoveries.
Ahlan!:How do you decide on topics to cover?
Nadia:I try to go for things that I haven’t read about in other blogs. I like people to read my posts and say “Wow, I haven’t see this before!” Also, I try to keep my posts as personal as possible, because in my opinion, people are more attracted when you include yourself and your thoughts rather than posting about things that you have no connection to.”

Jim is the Editor of La Moda and covers all things fashion.
Ahlan!:Who are your favourite regional brands and why?
Jim:Toujouri from Qatar. Regional designers are quite big on combining traditional Arabic design elements with contemporary tailoring, but Toujouri is one of the brands that actually get it right.

The Grazia Style Awards are being held 4 May so stay tuned to see who wins the coveted Best Bloggers title.