Fit Squad DXB: Get Gym Trainers to Your Doorstep

Fit Squad DXB: Get Gym Trainers to Your Doorstep

12 Nov 2017

Tired of dragging yourself to the gym and giving up halfway through? Meet mobile personal training company, Fit Squad DXB

If you’re anything like us, your morning alarm has about five wake-up calls, and you still manage to oversleep. Even when you plan to squeeze in a workout before work, pack your gym outfit and change your mobile background to a ridiculously hot body for inspiration, the determination you had before bed just isn’t there in the morning. ‘No probs, I’ll go after work,’ you promise yourself. But after a long day at the office, a delayed deadline and an impromptu post-work drinks invite, that idea also falls through. Yep, we’ve all been there, right? RIGHT?! (please say 'right').

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So when mobile personal training company Fit Squad DXB offered us some training sessions, we knew it was the solution to our problems. The concept is simple: it’s having a personal trainer, but they come to you. Yes, you still have to wake up and train, but when you know there is someone waiting for you outside your door (whose time you’ve paid for), you can’t exactly snooze for another half hour. And if you do, you really need to re-evaluate your life choices.

Fit Squad has a variety of male and female trainers, each with different qualifications, to choose from. They will create a programme that fits around your schedule, and provide nutritional advice that's easy to follow. Our trainer was James Bohlin, a British Level 3 trainer and physique bodybuilding competitor. He is qualified in spin, boxing, circuits and nutrition and has over 17 years of personal fitness experience. He is also trained in sports massage and specialises in fat loss, bodybuilding and overcoming sport and non-sport related injuries.

Fit Squad DXB: Get Gym Trainers to Your Doorstep

Fortunately, most of us in the UAE have gyms in our apartment buildings. And even though ours is slightly small, James managed to make the most of the space and equipment. Instead of us ploughing through our regular routine, he kept things fresh and exciting, while pushing us to new limits we didn’t think were possible at 7.30am. Admittedly, we felt amazing afterwards, and ready for the day ahead. Best of all, James taught us new exercises and techniques that we could execute in our gym, even when he’s not around to whip us into shape.

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Don’t like training on your own? Don’t have a gym in your building? That’s still no excuse. Fit Squad DXB will come to you, anytime, anywhere and even bring the necessary equipment, if needed. The trainers are licensed to train you outdoors and also have a wide range of gym partnerships dotted across Dubai to cater to your location and budget. Plus they do special rates if you train with a friend, so you can have fun with your bestie while working up a sweat.

Thanks to Fit Squad DXB, we’re halfway to the perfect beach body for the much-anticipated festive holidays. Instagram can keep its perfection apps and filters.

INFO: Single sessions start at Dhs250, 052 870 6369,,

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