Gourmet Trends: April 2012

Foodiva's Samantha Wood reveals the cookbooks heating up the culinary scene and lots more
Friday , 27 April 2012
Samantha Wood
Samantha Wood
Pomegranates & Roses by Ariana Bundy
Pomegranates & Roses by Ariana Bundy
Made In Sicily by Giorgio Locatelli
Made In Sicily by Giorgio Locatelli
Fresh & Green by Aldo Zilli
Fresh & Green by Aldo Zilli
Get squeezing
Get squeezing

This month appears to be the season for new cookbook launches, hot on the heels of LitFest and Taste of Dubai. Here are three very different, yet highly practical, books that now adorn my kitchen shelf.

Pomegranates & Roses
Ariana Bundy

American-Iranian chef Ariana Bundy’s cookbook Pomegranates & Roses features a beautifully written and photographed collection of Persian family recipes with easy instructions. Pomegranates are indigenous to Iran, whilst rose water and rose petals are used prolifically in many a Persian recipe. My favourite is a beautifully warm and rich dip appetiser, the Kashgeh Bademjan – a grilled aubergine spread topped with creamy whey, fried onions, garlic, mint and walnuts.

Made In Sicily
Giorgio Locatelli
Italian Michelin-star chef Giorgio Locatelli’s Made in Sicily is not just oozing with recipes but explores the ingredients and history of this exotic Italian island introducing you to cooks, fishermen and growers that make Sicily what it is. “When people talk about Sicilian cooking,” says Giorgio, “they always speak about the influences from the Greeks, the Arabs, the Spanish, but I really believe the biggest influence is the land and the sea. They determine the produce, which has stayed the same, throughout all the cultural changes.”

Fresh & Green
Aldo Zilli
Aldo Zilli, whose specialty cuisine is Italian seafood thanks to his famed  London restaurants Zilli Fish and Café, has written nine cookbooks. His latest, which has just launched here, is Fresh & Green. It includes over 100 newly-released amazing Mediterranean vegetarian recipes. I can’t wait to try them all!

INFO: See www.facebook.com/arianabundywww.locandalocatelli.com and www.zillialdo.com  for more details.

Squeeze Yourself Healthy
If you don’t already have a juicer to squeeze, Philips in conjunction with its brand ambassador the Juice Master (aka Jason Vale) has just launched the Avance – its USP over other juicers is the container positioned right under the sieve to collect all pulp for easy disposal and cleaning.
INFO: Dhs899 at all major hypermarkets.

What’s in Season?
In April the vegetables to look out for are asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, cucumber, kale, radish and spinach. As for fruit, enjoy strawberries! The herb of the month is thyme.

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