How to Set a Ramadan Table with Style

Harper's Bazaar Interiors Editor Rue Kothari goes for a rustic Ramadan table with a touch of luxe, plus she shares her top tips for keeping your cool when the heat is on
Sunday , 14 July 2013
Airdiem disco pipe,
bloomingdale’s Home Dhs1,700.
Airdiem disco pipe, bloomingdale’s Home Dhs1,700.
Legle Arabic coffee pot, bloomingdale’s Home Dhs1,700.
Legle Arabic coffee pot, bloomingdale’s Home Dhs1,700.
Iconic collection, aura Dhs564.
Iconic collection, aura Dhs564.
Al Noor Smiles n’ Stuff Tray, Bloomingdale’s Home Dhs600.
Al Noor Smiles n’ Stuff Tray, Bloomingdale’s Home Dhs600.

Stylish gifting
Remember design pieces for the home will be more treasured than a box of dates. Here are some of my favourites :
Al Noor Smiles n’ Stuff Tray,  Bloomingdale’s Home Dhs600. 
Airdiem disco pipe, Bloomingdale’s Home Dhs1,700. 
Iconic collection,  aura Dhs564. 
Legle Arabic coffee pot, bloomingdale’s Home Dhs1,700. 

Ramadan dining at home
You may be forgiven for thinking that dinner during Ramadan is something that needs to observed in the mark of tradition. When it comes to the look of your table, and even the cuisine you serve upon it, this is no longer the case. You can determine the theme according to your taste or the decor of your home, while acknowledging the spirit of the season. Simple table accessories and motifs can do the hard work, allowing you to concentrate on getting the colours and accents just right. Personally, I like to keep it rustic with a touch of luxe; raw linens dyed in shades of violet, plum and grape, ornate vintage silverware, tall candlebra and mismatched plates. Add name cards in an Arabic geometric pattern, from (who incidentally have all manner of must-haves for your Ramadan and Eid events) and some beautiful, seasonal flowers, and you have a table worthy of breaking the fast and sharing a meal with your nearest and dearest. See the current issue of Harper’s Bazaar Interiors for more details on creating a contemporary suhoor.

The cool dinner party
Just wait for the mercury to be popping out of the top of your barometer; and you’ll be crying out for thirst quenchers. This summer take the temperature down a few notches by tailoring your dinner party to cool your guests
1. Mocktails with a watermelon base
A heap of crushed ice and a spritz of lime in a tall glass.  Watermelon is a natural hydrator, and along with fresh citrus makes the perfect refreshing welcome drink.
2. A yoghurt and cucumber dip
Dotted with toasted caraway seeds and served with fresh crudités, this dip will naturally regulate your body temperature, soothe  and cleanse the overheated palate, and prepare you for a more robust main course to come.
3. A spicy vegetable curry
Don’t feel the fear; contrary to what you may believe, spicy food, chillies especially, stimulate the heat receptors in your mouth that enhance circulation and ultimately cool you down. But remember to keep it veggie, protein will only push your metabolism right back up again.
4. Cold papaya and coconut rice
The mix of creamy rice with lime-drenched papaya, served on a simple white earthenware dish is a heavenly way to end a meal.

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