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Tuesday , 01 May 2012
Rue Kothari
Rue Kothari
Lay it on
Lay it on
Coffee kick
Coffee kick

Lay It On
You might be forgiven for thinking that summer will never arrive this year, but when the mercury threatens to leap right out of the barometer, we’ll all be grateful for the respite of in-house entertainment. Cue the dinner party, the Friday brunch, the Saturday tea… all perfect excuses for eating and being merry whatever the weather. And jolly as I am about the prospect of a season of social opportunity, catching up with friends and dressing down, one thing that should never be dressed down is your table. In fact, in today’s l’art de la table it’s all about layering, which roughly translates as ‘more is more’– more colour, more texture, more pattern, more candles and more flowers – a riot of style that will hopefully be as entertaining as your food and your company. While this kind of organised chaos comes easy to people with a degree in interior styling, for the rest of us it’s worth taking heed of a few tips before you begin creating your masterpiece. Pick a neutral base and choose accessories that complement in as many shades as you dare with mismatched plates and colour-tinted glassware. Then use the law of multiplicity: a dozen matching tealights scattered over the table and three or four low vases with short stem white blooms – the perfect formula for a fun, vibrant summer table.
INFO: Try BoConcept, Bloomingdale’s Home and www.rocketstgeorge.com for quirky, contemporary pieces for your dining table.

Table Talk: Hosts Beware
At a dinner party last week I was reminded of the film How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. Sitting with a forkful of Thai red curry in the lap of my new Alaia dress, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at my hostess. “What possessed you to buy novelty cutlery that can only be held by the hand of a four year old?” The purpose of cutlery is to deliver food into your mouth safely and efficiently, and not by way of your clothes, so you can emerge from said dinner party unscathed and as radiant as you arrived. When your knife and fork comes in a novelty, ergonomic shape with handles so lithe and slippery that they roll off your plate, off the table, and onto you, this is just plain wrong. When it comes to cutlery, keep it simple, or risk the wrath of your guests. 

Caffeine Buzz
The latest love of my life is the Nespresso Pixie coffee machine that was delivered to my desk three weeks ago. Like the ubiquitous mobile phone, I now cannot imagine my life without it and the cute colour-coded coffee pods that deliver a variety of flavours to pep my sleep-starved morning brain. The sleek design comes in a range of fashionable metallic shades, is perfect for the bijou kitchen and takes just 30 seconds to warm up.
INFO: Nespresso, The Dubai Mall.

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