Gourmet Guru March

13 Mar 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

This month Katie Heskett-Smith shares her inventive ideas for lamb (think Greek-style burgers), plus some quick healthy ways to enjoy pasta

Dear Katie
Easter is traditionally about lamb – but how can I make it more interesting? Debbie, Jumeirah

Let’s be honest, lamb can be pretty boring, however I’ve got some options that might make traditional Easter celebrations at little more interesting...
If you’re going with the traditional roast, make sure you pierce it and fill with a slice of garlic, a few sprigs of rosemary and half an anchovy. Yes, anchovy. The fish melts during cooking and leaves a beautiful salty finish. For barbeques, ask the butcher to butterfly a shoulder and then marinade it in either red wine, garlic and rosemary or cover it in a delicious Moroccan spice rub for at least 12 hours. Slam it on the grill (fat side down) and then serve with salads and salsas.
For a totally different option, pick up some lamb mince and add garlic, seasoning, mint and parsley to create a basic burger and either stuff them with feta and cook on the grill, or keep them plain and simply add a dollop of tzatziki on top when they’re fresh off the barbie.

Salsa in Style
If you’re looking for an alternative to the tomato version, try this new fruity number... take one cucumber, a crunchy green apple and a handful of green jalapeno peppers. Chop them all together and squeeze over some lime and season. Delicious with fish or fresh avocado in a quick, healthy lunchtime wrap.

Store-Cupboard Essential...
If, like me, pasta is your go-to-dins when you’ve had a long day, make it a little interesting by cooking it in some stock or light herbs before adding your sauce. I love cooking wholewheat shapes in chicken stock and then adding some extra-virgin olive oil, freshly chopped tomato, spring onions and fresh parsley, and load of freshly cracked pepper. Delicious and healthy.