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27 Apr 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Gourmet's new resident domestic goddess Katie Heskett shares her tried and tested guide to good food

Storecupboard Essential
#1: Tinned Anchovies

There are certain things every woman should have in their storecupboard and every month, I’m going to introduce you to one of mine. For April, it’s tinned anchovies. Now before you squirm with horror (a bit like Marmite, you either love them or hate them), I’m not suggesting you eat them raw on buttery bread (however I have been known to do that), but they’re great to add to sauces for an extra salty, fishy flavour. Fry a few with onions and garlic before adding a tin of tinned tomato and you have a delicious puttanesca sauce. I also like to add a few in with the melting butter for my fish pie white sauce (when you fry them up, they melt away and just leave the flavour). The ultimate for me though is adding them into a roast lamb – simply pierce the lamb all over and add a slice of anchovy with a bit of garlic and roast. As the lamb cooks, the anchovy melts away just leaving this delicious smoky, salty flavour to what can be a pretty boring meat. 

Orchards In The Oasis
It’s not every day that you get to share a cuppa with the woman whose recipes you’ve been cooking ever since you could pick up a wooden spoon, but luckily for me Josceline Dimbleby was at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature last month to talk about her latest book. From talking about her favourite spice (cardamom, in case you were wondering) to her foodie inspirations, she was as interesting as she was lovely and just the sort of domestic goddess I would like to be.
INFO: Dhs146, www.amazon.com.

Dear Katie...

Q. My girlfriends and I are total foodies. While we appreciate fine food, we also love a good atmosphere – can you recommend a brunch that serves haute cuisine with a side order of fun?
A. After seven years in Dubai, I’m proud (is that the right word!?) to say I’ve tried a wide variety of brunches and while all of them offer the most incredible spread, there are only a few that I would go back to again and again. Firstly Al Qasr (Dhs525) – it’s expensive but the foodie options are so endless, you’re given a map! – and Yalumba (Dhs499) is great for a party atmosphere and the chance to order off an a la carte menu, which is great for me as I spend most of my time chatting rather than going to the buffet. The best family option is the Bubbalicious Brunch at The Westin (from Dhs490) – they have petting zoos, bouncy castles and acrobats to keep the kids entertained while mums can enjoy themselves, and for a touch of glamour, the Zuma brunch (from Dhs425) is fabulous for people-spotting. Before it gets too hot, try the newish picnic brunch at Al Badia Golf Club (from Dhs395).

Got a culinary query? Send your questions to Katie at gourmet@itp.com with Dear Katie in the subject line – Katie will endeavour to answer all your questions, and you may even see your Q&A here!

Katie Heskett is the Editor in Chief of Good Housekeeping Middle East, available now at all good book stores and magazine outlets. Follow her on Twitter @katieheskett.

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