Gourmet Celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow

Get surfing for Gwyneth Paltrow’s fab recipes on her lifestyle blog Goop
Gourmet Celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow

We may all aspire to have Gywneth’s Paltrow’s diet – who wouldn’t want to be able to fit into those slinky red-carpet numbers? – but her level of dedication to probiotics and lettuce isn’t easy to maintain. However, for those whose New Year resolutions have already gone by the wayside, Gywnie is here to help – virtually.

On her lifestyle blog Goop.com, Gywn has kicked off 2012 with a ‘body cleanse’. As well as selling The Goop Cleanse kit online, she’s also offering some rather fabulous recipes to accompany the process.

Gywn’s cleanse kit is only available via the traditional delivery method of getting your friends in the States to mail it across once you’ve had it delivered to them (shipping is free within the US), but, if you feel inclined, you can buy detox kits here in the UAE at Boots pharmacies, which contain similar components and cost much less. Gywn’s kit features a range of supplements from nourishing protein powder to fibre powder to boost digestion, and costs a staggering $425!

Unfortunately, as well-intentioned as these kits may be, they aren’t the answer to our waistline woes. While they’re possibly valuable as a motivational tool to kick-start a new eating plan, real lasting weight loss only comes from sustained healthy eating, and this is where Gywn’s recipes come in handy.

The Goop blog features a dedicated food section, with creations ranging from Gywn’s marinated bean salad served on a bed of beetroot slices that look teasingly like beef carpaccio, to a healthy version of one of our favourite Dubai dinners, black miso cod, which is the signature dish at Atlantis hotel’s glamorous Nobu restaurant.

If you want an A-list figure, it’s time to start surfing – and we don’t mean on waves!

INFO: For further details visit www.goop.com – you can also find a wide range of healthy recipes online at www.ahlanlive.com/health/recipes.

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