Gordon Ramsay Welcomes 2019 With Surprise Baby News!

Wife Tana is expecting again following her 2016 miscarriage
ByAndre NevelingWednesday , 02 January 2019
Gordon Ramsay Welcomes 2019 With Surprise Baby News!
The happy couple

Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana are expecting their fifth child. Congrats!

Gordon announced the news on New Year's Day in a family video he posted online.

His four kids and Tana wished everyone a happy New Year and then the chef, who was holding the camera, said, "...We've got another one (baby) coming", while moving the camera down to focus on Tana's baby belly. "Oh my Lord, oh no!" he chuckled as his kids cheered.

"Exciting news! Happy new year from all the Ramsay’s," he captioned the video.

Tana added: "Happy New Year! Oh, and a little news..."

The news comes two and a half years after Gordon revealed that Tana had suffered a miscarriage five months into her last pregnancy.

Here's wishing Tana a safe pregnancy!

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