Why has Google's logo been replaced by falafels?!

Not that we're complaining
ByMira Matar Tuesday , 18 June 2019
Why has Google's logo been replaced by falafels?!
© unsplash

Dear falafel lovers, you're going to love this. Google via Google Doodle is celebrating falafel with a cute animation today just because! Instead of the Google logo you can see three pieces of  falafel jumping into a pita bread with some veggies and tahini. Are you hungry yet?

Google Doodle thinks that the yummy snack is 'the best thing that ever happened to chickpeas' and we couldn't agree more! The falafel GIF has been getting lots of attention, especially as it's an adored dish amongst many UAE residents from all around the world, and its's quite a hit across the Emirates.

Falafel is said to have originated from Egypt where it's called ta'amiya, and some say it came from Western Asia. No matter where it originated, falafel is popular in countries all over the Middle East.

Now we're really craving falafel. 

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