Yikes: Google just blocked Viagogo for good reason

Beware of untrustworthy sites, guys...
ByJulianne TolentinoMonday , 22 July 2019
Yikes: Google just blocked Viagogo for good reason

If you're a concert go-er or just love to attend live events, you might have heard of Viagogo; an online ticket reseller founded in London over a decade ago.

All was good and well for the business until complaint started popping up about the site, including over-priced tickets and inappropriate use of language that pressured visitors to buy a ticket.

Some people weren't even convinced that they were buying from an official ticket seller.

And so comes Google's smart decision to block Viagogo from its paid search rankings. What a lifesaver!

Google's unexpected move to ban the ticket reseller was because of the fact that Viagogo breached a lot of advertising policies, and it was no longer fair to have the business place top search.

“When people use our platform for help in purchasing tickets, we want to make sure that they have an experience they can trust,” a Google spokesperson said.

"This is why we have strict policies and take necessary action when we find an advertiser in breach."

An unfortunate example of Viagogo's shady practices happened in Abu Dhabi when a local resident was charged Dhs450 for booking fee after buying a ticket worth Dhs1,588 on the site.

She admitted that she felt so much pressure because she only found out the exact amount of the booking fee as a clock in the site was ticking.

“It said there was a booking charge but didn’t list what it was,” she said at the time.

What's really funny though, is the fact that Viagogo is openly retweeting negative articles about them on Twitter. Even going as far as liking complaints that people have tweeted about them.

Here are just a few of the endless complaints Viagogo received from buyers online:

Anyone else finds it a bit strange that Viagogo themselves retweet the complaints against them?

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