Goodnight Sienna

As her movie releases are put back and she’s labelled a ‘Homewrecker’, is Ms Miller’s latest conquest just a step too far for Hollywood?
Wednesday , 20 August 2008

Has Sienna Miller just made the biggest mistake of her career? Hollywood sources certainly seem to think so, after the 26-year-old blonde actress was snapped cavorting topless with married father-of-four, Balthazar Getty, seemingly rubbing their fledgling relationship into his “humiliated” wife Rosetta’s face.

Still not a box office draw by herself, Sienna has found herself sidelined in puritanical Hollywood, with her two upcoming movies, Hippie Hippie Shake and G.I Joe both having their release dates pushed back as studio bosses calculate the cost of all the bad publicity, with one agent declaring, “Her career doesn’t get attention, only her dalliances.”

Ahlan! looks at how Sienna’s very public relationship with Balthazar Getty could spell the end of her career…

Mistake 1
Earning that ‘homewrecker’ tag

Sure, most of Hollywood are having affairs with the nanny, the studio boss and their co-stars, but the golden rule in Tinseltown has always been not to get caught with someone else’s spouse – a rule that Sisi has broken.

“Sienna is being portrayed as a femme fatale and fears for her career because Hollywood hates a homewrecker,” revealed an industry source.

Mistake 2

Trying to get the wife’s support

Adding to Sienna’s woes is the news that she’s been trying to get Balthazar to force his estranged wife to put out a statement which would absolve her of her ‘cheater’ tag.

“She hopes Balthazar can get Rosetta to put out a statement saying their marriage was already over,” spilled News Of The World. “They have already got friends to speak out, saying he was sleeping on their sofas.”

But pals of 38-year-old Rosetta say she is refusing to help out the new couple, as she is so angry at the public nature of their relationship.

Mistake 3
Pals try To justify relationship

Friends of the Brit actress, no doubt prompted by Sienna herself, have issued various statements, insisting she only got together with Balthazar once his marriage was over.

“Sienna and Balthazar met through friends and he was already separated from his wife,” said one. “When he released a statement in July saying he’d split from his wife, he’d been sleeping on friends’ couches for six months.”

And another has tried to play the ‘young couple in love’ card, insisting, “Though Sienna and Balt are moving really quickly, everyone can’t help but notice how happy they are.”

Mistake 4
The marriage wasn't over

As one LA source revealed that the married couple had attended the LA Antique Opening Night together in Santa Monica in April this year, proving that they hadn’t split up at all, a close pal of Rosetta, spilled, “It’s nonsense that the marriage was already over. When Balthazar went away in May, Rosetta thought it was to see his sick mum in Germany. But she now knows that it was to cavort with Sienna in Prague.”

Inside The Getty Marriage

Married in May 2000, model-turned-designer Rosetta and Getty oil heir Balthazar have four children together – Cassius, eight, Grace, seven, Violet, four and June, 10 months – and sources credit her with supporting her bit-part actor hubby after the movie roles dried up for him.

A Hollywood powerhouse, who counts Patricia Arquette, Kirsten Dunst, Courteney Cox, Selma Blair and Joaquin Phoenix amongst her pals, Rosetta has two fashion labels, Rosetta Millington and Riser Goodwyn, which are sold in high-end boutiques and department stores.

Moving In Together?

Busy trying to sell her house in London – where her sworn enemy Kate Moss’s influence has blackened the actress’s name further – Sienna is said to be ready to move in with 33-year-old Balthazar, and pals say they’re planning to buy a house together.

“Sienna told a few friends that Balti had made some noises about moving in,” said an insider. “Then during the holiday their feelings for each other got stronger. She doesn’t really want to move into the family home because of all the history with his ex-wife, so they are planning to buy somewhere new.”