Good news for David Beckham

Second court hearing ends well for famous footballer
Tuesday , 15 February 2011
Good news for David Beckham
David Beckham happy over second court case win

David Beckham may have lost his libel case in the U.S after a judge claimed he couldn’t prove In Touch magazine acted ‘with malice’ when they broke the story of his alleged affair with Irma Nici but it’s good news over the water. David also sued Bauer in Germany which publishes In Touch and was award Dhs3mil in damages.

The initial Dhs88mil libel case which was filed by Beckham last year was rejected because according to US law Irma has the right to ‘freedom of speech’ and therefore David couldn’t prove her wrong. The judge also ruled that the news was of interest to a ‘wide range of people’ because of David’s positioning in the public eye.

The incident was said to have happened at New York’s Le Parker Meridien Hotel in August 2007.

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