Golf and Music: a Truly Winning Match!

In few weeks Doha will host the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters, featuring not only the world's top Golf players but also live entertainment by the legendary British band UB40.
ByFrancesca MoserSaturday , 03 January 2015
Golf and Music: a Truly Winning Match!
UB40 - Ali, Astro and Mickey will perform at the Qatar Masters on 23 January

As every year January brings the Golf sporting legends to Qatar and this year one of the most famous British reggae band will entertain the crowd for the Masters renowned Friday live concert. Mickey Virtue will lead his 70s band UB40 on stage on the 23 of January, so get ready to dance the night away along their popular tunes, including “Can’t help falling in love” and “Red Red Wine”.

The golf aficionados will instead be able to witness Sergio Garcia, the defending champion in action along many other world’s top golfers such as Ernie Els, Rory Mcllroy and Henrik Stenson to name a few from the 21 till the 24 of January. Get your chance to follow these fabulous players literally feet away from you for the four days of unrivalled golfing action.

Who will earn the prestigious Mother of Pearl trophy this year? Secure your tickets and make sure to attend the final round of the tournament on Saturday 24 January to find out.

INFO: tickets are available at Doha Golf Club, Doha Rugby Club and Virgin Megastores,

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