Gold digger Kacey Jordan

Meet Charlie's Sheen's celeb wannabe
Tuesday , 08 February 2011
Gold digger Kacey Jordan
Kacey Jordan

Why? A pattern is starting to emerge in Charlie Sheen’s life – whenever there’s a drug-fuelled catastrophe, porn star Kacey Jordan is always nearby, fanning herself with a wad of cash given to her by the troubled actor. 

And just when we started to speculate this lady is bad news, she went and confirmed our suspicions, admitting she stood by and watched Charlie nearly kill himself.

Kacey, who was paid Dhs116,000 to attend the infamous party (after which Charlie went to hospital), confessed, “I’ve never seen someone so self-destructive and able to take in so much at once. I thought it was a suicide binge. He was wearing a shirt covered in wine stains… I was thinking that I was gonna meet the Charlie I see on TV. Not the one that’s, like, in shambles and wrecked.”

Hmm, one sentence springs to mind: gold digging celeb wannabe

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