Global Village absorbs VAT

There's a catch though!
ByMashal AbbasiSunday , 07 January 2018
Global Village absorbs VAT

VAT has officially begun to apply to the sales of goods and services here in the UAE, and until people get used to it, they're doing their best to avoid it.

The tax has been applied to all entertainment in the UAE, such as cinemas, restaurants and theme parks, among others.

One place you won't have to pay VAT upon entering? That's right, Global Village! One of Dubai's star attractions, Global Village houses 27 pavilions representing more than 75 countries. Visitors can expect to shop, see live performances and taste different cuisines at Global Village. 

Before the intoduction of VAT, the entrance ticket to Global Village was Dhs15 and it still remains the same. Global Village has decided to absorb the five percent tax on entrance tickets. However, do note that all attractions inside such as rides and shopping, will still be subject to VAT!

Global Village operates 7 days a week, and opens its gates to visitors from Saturday to Wednesday from 4pm to 12am and until 1am on Thursdays, Fridays, and public holidays. Children under the age of three, people of determination with one companion each; and seniors above 65 may enter for free.

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