Give Your Brain a Bliss-Boost

25 Nov 2011

Happiness starts in the mind. Here, expert and author Susie Pearl shows you how to give yours a joy injection

Forget shoes, going on your dream holiday or landing a lottery win, the only way to achieve true happiness starts with your head. Recent research shows us that we create everything in our life experience through our mind’s activity and whatever we pay attention to and focus upon, we create more of the same in our life. For example, if we focus on lack or need, then more lack and need will show up. Scientists have proved that our thoughts are creative and have a magnetic nature and what we think affects the sorts of events that appear in our experience. In short, whatever we think, we start creating. Read on to learn how to suss out exactly what brings joy into your existence, and how to design the life of your dreams today.

Step 1. Get clear on what you want
The first step is to get clear about what you truly want. Many of us can list plenty of things that are going wrong in our lives and things that we want to stop. But our brains are designed to work only in the positive, so we need to re-position our minds from what we don’t want, into a framework of what we do want. To start, answer the questions in this mini-life-audit below. Write down your mark out of 10 for how you are doing in these areas. One = poor, 10 = great.

Love /romance_____

Work /career_____






Home life_____

Feelings inside_____

Now write down three things you would like to create in each of these categories. Write down whatever comes into your mind and be specific. You don’t need to know how you get it at this point – your job for now is simply to get clear about what you want. The rule is that it must be in the positive – no negatives allowed, for example ‘I choose to be positive’ as opposed to ‘I don’t want to be negative any more’. Once you have a list of what you would like to see in all the areas, it’s time to get creative and activate your inner power to make it happen.

Step 2 Imagine
Our mind is built to be a powerful visualiser and we make pictures and movies in our mind all the time, whether we realise this or not. The trick with life design is to take control of the images and visualisations and make them about the things you truly want.

START imagining what you do want

STOP imagining what you don’t want

RESULT This one step will transform your life for the better

Our brain takes instructions from the images and feelings we make inside. The brain doesn’t know the difference between a ‘made-up’ image and a real one and we can make up ideas knowing that our imagination is so strong it will automatically start firing up your inner ‘attractor-engine’ in the same direction.

So, start imagining the things you want. Get them clear in your mind and begin to make some mental pictures and movies of them. Spend five to 10 minutes a day just picturing and imagining the things happening that you want to bring in.

Step 3 Feel your way into it
Feelings are one of the most important aspects in creating happiness. How we feel sends messages to our deepest creative parts. The better we feel, the more powerfully we can create positive storylines. Keep your feelings strong and remember; we choose how we feel at all times and it’s best to keep these feelings good. From a strong positive place, we naturally attract better outcomes.

Step 4 Get into the flow of life
Getting a life you want is about getting into the flow. Feel the flow, notice when good things happen and make a note of it. Exercise is a great way to get your body in flow and the more we notice the fl ow outside, the more we get into the flow inside.

Step 5 Eliminate toxic gossip
We all know people who can bring us down and make us feel bad inside. A great way to get happier is to stay away from gossip, don’t engage in it and steer well clear of doom and gloom stories.

Step 6 Change your story
Remember: we become the story we tell. It’s a choice point about whether we tell a downbeat or an upbeat story and we get to decide what our focus will be. If we want to create a happier life, one of the most powerful things to do is to start telling a happier story. We tell stories every day about how our day is going, what’s happening and about the state of play in our life. If you make yourself one of the positive types of people, then you’ll notice that your emotions get brighter, you feel better inside, and life will start transforming for the better.

Step 7 Take some simple steps forward
Taking a few simple steps towards your goals will lead you in the direction you want to go. From here, the positive momentum ball starts rolling. Write down three things that will take you closer to happiness. Begin with ideas that feel easy to do, so for example, go out for a walk every lunchtime to get some relaxation into your day, write in your diary to go to a fitness or dance class every week or update your CV to get that new job. Jot these ideas down, give them a time frame and commit to taking these first steps forward. Every great new beginning begins with a thought and a small first step. You can do it.

INFO: Susie Pearl is the author of Instructions For Happiness and Success (Dhs75, Quadrille). For information contact create-your-world. org and