Try Veganuary With These Freebies

Try Veganuary With These Freebies

02 Jan 2020

Going vegan is easy with Fuchsia Urban Thai

Veganuary is a movement that initially stemmed from the UK and since 2014 it has inspired and supported more than half a million people in 178 countries to try vegan for January - and beyond. Things are not different in the UAE and time has proven that veganism is here to stay!

To celebrate this month, Fuchsia Urban Thai is encouraging customers to order from their dedicated Very Vegan menu that holds over 16 items ranging from starters, to mains and desserts, with the added incentive of each table receiving their highly popular Corn Fritters…on the house! If you’ve always wondered what the lifestyle entails, let January 2020 be the month you give it a test run while dining in at Fuchsia Urban Thai and remember to claim your complimentary portion of Corn Fritters.

Fuchsia Urban Thai prides themselves on their vegan recipes being unique and innovative in the sense that even non-vegan customers are tempted to take a break from their usual cuisines and give these Thai with a twist offerings a chance.