Give Away Your Shoes for a Good Cause!

Give Away Your Shoes for a Good Cause!

01 Sep 2016

And receive a brand new pair in return…

We all have that one pair of shoes in our closet that we never wear, yet we insist on holding onto. Well, what if we told you that you could give away that one pair to help people in need? And not only that, but you’ll get a brand new pair in return!

Renowned shoe brand Aldo, in association with The Emirates Red Crescent, is launching a local campaign called #TheAldoSoleMates that encourages customers to give away any pair of shoes they don’t wear to people who can’t afford them.

Not only that - once you donate your shoes, you’ll receive a brand new Aldo pair in return! Yes you read that right.

Aldo invites all of you to donate a pair of shoes and offers you a new one in exchange for that good gesture you’ve made. A lot of people around the world can’t afford anything, and that’s why the Canadian brand is launching such an amazing campaign.

INFO: Sep 3, 10am-12pm, Aldo, Festival City Mall, Dubai; to learn more about the Emirates Red Crescent: