Giuliana and Bill Rancic

Giuliana Rancic and Hubby Bill Reveal Their Parenting Secrets

08 Oct 2012

Giuliana and Bill Rancic are equally sharing all the tasks involved with bringing up their son Edward Duke

Giuliana and Bill Rancic are ''efficient'' parents. The couple welcomed their first child, Edward Duke, into the world via gestational surrogate in August and Bill revealed they are loving parenthood and have established a good system for looking after the tot.

He told E! News: ''We change diapers probably an equal amount. Giuliana's probably done a little more of the feedings, she requires a little less sleep than I do, so she's doing some of the later feedings, which is great. She's getting sleep. We take turns, we've got a good system in the house, we're very efficient on the feedings. I'll do the 1am feeding and she'll do the 4am or 5am feeding, so we kinda have it all broken down and we're doing it smart.''

Bill also revealed Duke - as they refer to their son - is a happy little guy, who also has his own routine.

He said: ''He's eating and pooping and sleeping, so that's pretty much how he rolls.''

The couple - who tied the knot in September 2007 - struggled to conceive for four years with Giuliana suffering a miscarriage and breast cancer before Duke's birth.