Gigi Hadid - The new face of Topshop

Gigi Hadid - The new face of Topshop

02 Aug 2015

Hadid for Topshop Autumn/Winter Campaign

Gigi Hadid is the new face of Topshop!

Move over Cara, its Gigi’s turn! As if life could get any better for the blonde bombshell, she’s just been named the new face of Topshop for their Autumn/Winter 15 campaign. The campaign was shot by world renowned fashion photographer Tyrone Lebon and styled by Topshop’s creative director Kate Phelan. The campaign takes on an effortless chic look reflecting Gigi’s personal style too!

Shortly after the shoot was released we had an interview with Hadid and got to know her slightly better…

How does it feel to be Topshop’s campaign girl?

It’s 100% cool. I just love anything Topshop. I’m the biggest fan because it never feel forced or posed – which I think is very much my style too.

How would you describe your style?

I like to say casual chic because I have to be comfortable, but also like to stay on trend. My Met Ball after party look was a Versace mini dress with Adidas trainers – I like mixing glam and casual.

How was it shooting Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ video?

Absolutely epic. I’ve never been on a production that huge. What people don’t understand about how massive it was is that none of those were green screens they’re all real sets – so the effort that Taylor and Joseph put in to make it seem like a real badass secret agent training camp is real. It was like the supermodel Hunger Games.

You’re also part of the Instagram generation – what do you and your friends love so much about it?

It’s about being able to look inside worlds that you wouldn’t normally experience. I like following graffiti artists and musicians because it gives me a new insight. It’s not even about celebrity versus no celebrity – one of my best friend’s sisters is travelling the world saving whales and she’s posting underwater pictures everyday – and she’s not a celebrity, but it’s completely cool. It’s cool to work in a generation where we have that tool.

What’s do you think it’s like being a model in 2015, compared to say the ‘90s supermodels?

I’ve heard from a lot of people in the industry that the supermodel is coming back, which is really exciting for me. For a long time you would see a girl for one season and then you’d never really hear about her again. Now models are getting to create a fan base that keeps them around.

Any other secret talents?

I’m a real geek about criminal psychology. I have no idea where that came from – my mom used to catch me sitting home at 9 years old watching Forensic Files instead of the Disney channel. And she was like - my daughter’s either brilliant or really weird!