Heart Brows: A New Trend?

Heart Brows: A New Trend?

15 Nov 2017

Would you carve your eyebrows into tiny hearts?

There always seems to be an uproar for new trends, especially since 2017 seems to be the year that particulary focuses on eyebrow trend. Instagram has been flooding with crazy eyebrow styles one after the other like barbed wires, cuved eyebrow, feather eyebrow and recently with a new one called 'Heart brows.' 

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It requires you to carve hearts into your brows. Is this a new trend? Maybe...maybe not. 

An instagram user called @teenager had various reactions and comments after they posted a picture of the 'heart brows' on their page. People called on the picture to be 'photoshopped' and 'fake' while others pointed out that this isn't the best idea to come up for eyebrows. 

Heart Brows: A New Trend?

A viewer called @thatjazzyaltosax had commented, "you know how much extra grooming you gotta do to do that? And when you don't want that anymore you have this gross unclean heart on your eyebrow for like a year" 

Others said that they were against the whole eyebrow trend itself with a few of them replying, "Let's keep these trends at a no"

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Some of them liked the idea but was not so keen about the after-effects of having part of your eyebrow shaved, "Cute but the hair will grow back weird"

But one commenter had pointed out that this was just a trend "idea" and so people should stop over-reacting to it, "It's just a make up trend, let people have fun with it and stop being so damn rude if you don't like it, thanks." 

So will the 'Heart Brow' end up being an actual trend in the future? We will wait and see.