Getting Your Emirates ID is About to Get Easier

Emirates ID is making plans for more card dispensers and a courier service
Monday , 21 January 2013
Getting Your Emirates ID is About to Get Easier
Getting your Emirates ID is about to get easier.

Good news for new arrivals to the UAE. The Emirates Identity Authority is about to make getting your Emirates ID a whole lot easier. And we can speak from experience that we're thrilled about this news.

An  Emirates Identity Authority official told Gulf News, "Considering the 100 per cent increase in the number of ID cards issued last year, Emirates ID plans to introduce more card dispensers and an optional courier service to speed up the card delivery."

We love the influx of new residents to the UAE!

Dr Ali Al Khoury, director general of Emirates ID told the paper, “We are planning to introduce 40 to 60 card dispensers at the registration centres across the country in the coming months, in addition to the four dispensers that are already functioning on a pilot project." The director general added that the public dispensers will most likely go in public places like malls. Perfect!

As for the number of cards that were delivered this year? It was a whopping 5.89 million as opposed to 2011's 2.92 million. Sounds like we're not the only ones who love the UAE!

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