Get your best selfie ever with these accessories

Because a selfie is for life not just for an evening
ByAhlan! Live ReporterSaturday , 01 July 2017
Get your best selfie ever with these accessories

Taking a very good selfie is almost like creating a work of art nowadays. And a good artist needs reat tools. 

We've searched for the best accessories to get your selfie game up to the level of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Your Instagram feed is about to get VERY easy on the eyes...

Phone Beauty Light

When you're at a party and a photographer appears with a giant LED hoop of light everyone gets involved because that light is literally the maker of selfie dreams. All of a sudden any flaws you might have had are no more! We know carrying around a big hoop when you're out with your besties isn't exactly practical which is why this little gadget is so great. A mini version of the beauty hoop in a much smaller and easier to carry form, the ZTE Blade will beautify you in an instant.

Selfie Stick

Getting your angles right is super important in the world of selfies. It's also not particularly flattering to have an arm in shot, totally ruins that perfect selfie vibe. To avoid any bad angles, treat yourself to a selfie stick pronto. This one is wired to make takong snaps easier.

Canon Selphy

It's all well and good having tons of beautiful selfies on your camera roll and Insta account but we want to see them all of the time! Canon's Selphy mini printer connects wirelessly to your smartphone and will print off your gorgeous selfies in a matter of seconds. The postcard-sized pictures are ideal for shwoing off your selfie handiwork.

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