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With UAE celeb make-up artist Kate Goodwin
Thursday , 25 July 2013
Kate Goodwin
Kate Goodwin
Beating Bad Skin
Beating Bad Skin
Kate Goodwin
Beating Bad Skin

The dos and don’ts to beating bad skin!
• Don’t ignore your neck, chest and body when applying products.
• Don’t buy foundations and skincare online without properly trying it at a store.
• Do go for products with good blogger reviews. It has always worked for me – it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to skincare.
• Don’t ignore expiry dates on products. This could lead to breakouts and allergies.
• Do have a healthy diet and lifestyle and don’t rely on beauty products to do all the work!
• Do use SPF when tanning – too much sun damage causes premature ageing!

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