Five Netflix shows to hit up this weekend

Let's face it, it's an indoorsy kinda time
ByLeungo Phirinyane Wednesday , 11 March 2020
Five Netflix shows to hit up this weekend

If you've been looking for a weekend plan, look no further because we are coming through with a list of Netflix shows that'll have you occupied all weekend. With all the havoc the coronavirus is causing, it's probably better to stay indoors anyway.

So we've compiled a list of Ahlan-approved shows that you can binge. 

Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal is a Netflix original animation about a female spy. It also happens to be the second of Netflix's interactive game series, which allows viewers to select outcomes they'd like to see, as the show goes along. Pretty cool right? Help Carmen save her friends Zack and Ivy and let us know which options you selected as you do so.

Another cool action movie that’s received positive reviews is Spenser Confidential. Mark Wahlberg graces our screens in this crime drama about an ex-cop who comes out of retirement to investigate and avenge the murder of his two ex-colleagues. Also starring at Post Malone, Iliza Schlesinger and Winston Duke. 

Whilst we’re all in the mood to celebrate women, we suggest you watch Sitara: Let Girls Dream, which is a silent animated series, about a 14 year-old girl with dreams of being a pilot, whose father is preparing to marry off. The Pakistani-born filmmaker behind it aims to raise awareness about the 12 million child brides that are married off every year.

We’re super excited for On My Block S3 to return to our screens. The last season ended with a cliff-hanger so we can’t wait to see what crazy adventures the gang gets to this season.

The theme for Netflix this month definitely seems to be #GirlPower, and we are here for it! Queen Sono is the first of their African original series, and it features South African actress Pearl Thusi, as an unconventional spy.

Happy binging everybody!