Get Ready for Some Turkish Delight

An Ottoman feast is on the menu at Auris Plaza Hotel
ByNatasha FaruqueMonday , 02 June 2014
Get Ready for Some Turkish Delight
Cigar Sarma, just like mamma makes it

Do you know your Hamsii Pilav from your Tarhana? Or perhaps imam bayildi is your favourite? Fans of Ottoman cuisine need fret no more as all their foodie desires are due to be satiated thanks to the arrival of Turkish celebrity Chef Seval, affectionately known in her homeland as ‘mama’ , to Dubai’s Auris Plaza Hotel.

After the runaway success of its inaugural event, the hotel is yet again celebrating Ottoman classics and authentic treats during its month-long Turkish Food Festival, due to run throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Mouth-watering dishes on offer will include Pazili Tavuk Sarma, a traditional chicken dish stuffed with Swiss chard and red peppers; calorific Banduma, yufka sheets layered with hot butter, dipped into a hot broth and served with shredded chicken and walnuts that originates from the Kastamonu province, and Saray Asuresi, a rich, regal dessert hailing from the kitchens of the Ottoman palace, featuring wheat, chickpeas, white beans, dried apricots, raisins, figs and apple, which are then flavoured with rosewater and garnished with hazelnuts and walnuts

For those not wanting to run to the gym post-feasting, there is the opportunity to lounge and enjoy the rest of the evening whilst watching the FIFA World Cup football matches in the hotel’s Hookah Lounge.

INFO: Dhs160 per person, Dhs80 per child, free for under-fives, The Turkish Food Festival 2014 will run throughout Ramadan as per Iftar timings, 04 455 4839, Auris Plaza Hotel, Al Barsha, Dubai,

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