Get ready for the Salik gate in Abu Dhabi

Here's what you need to know if you're driving in the capital
ByTeam Ahlan!Sunday , 13 October 2019
Get ready for the Salik gate in Abu Dhabi

News about Salik in Abu Dhabi spread quickly over the last few months and people are asking questions.

The Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi reports it aims to reduce traffic congestion and increase the efficiency of public transport services with this new system.

The goal is also to enable drivers to consider carpooling and to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

We have all the answers you need.

The Abu Dhabi road tolls is about to begin, here is what you need to know to be prepared...

If you have an Abu Dhabi plate number, your car will automatically be registered in the process and you will be sure to receive a message as a reminder only before the start date.

The four tolls around the capital will begin on 15 October, so start topping up credits into your account.

If you travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai on a regular basis, you will need not only top up credits to your Salik account, but also to the Abu Dhabi toll gate account as they are both independent of each other.

You will need to provide a valid Emirates ID card, car registration, email address and phone number to establish your account in the link below.

If your car is not an Abu Dhabi plate number, you will need to have a minimum of Dhs100 in your account when registering for the Abu Dhabi Salik.


How much will it cost?

Every time you pass through one Salik gate, a total of Dhs4 will be charged. 

Peak times are between 7am and 9am daily, and 5pm to 7pm Saturday to Thursday.

During off-peak hours and public holidays, the fee will be reduced to Dhs2.

If you are passing through all four Abu Dhabi Salik gates in a day, you will be charged a maximum of Dhs16.

Unlike Dubai, you will not need to place a sticker on your car.

For Abu Dhabi Salik, You will be identified by your registered license plate number and the credit will automatically be deducted from your account. 

Be responsible or get ready to be fined

You will have 10 days to top up if you pass through a gate without balance in your account before getting fined.

If you have an unregistered vehicle and you pass through a gate, you will be fined Dhs100 for the first day, Dhs200 for the second and Dhs400 for the third day. Unfortunately, the more time you take, the higher the price will go and can go up to a maximum of Dhs10,000.

If you pass through a gate with insufficient balance, you will be fined Dhs50. 

Where are the tolls located?

Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Bridge, Al Maqtaa Bridge and Mussafah Bridge.

To help residents get around Abu Dhabi to avoid the Salik gate, 327 new buses have been introduced. 

Register your vehicle on or call 80088888.

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