Get Ready for the Dubai Taj Mahal

07 Oct 2012

Developers planning a huge replica of the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Always wanted to see the Taj Mahal but a trip to India's just not in your future? Well, the Taj Mahal is coming to Dubai. Currently being dubbed "Taj Arabia", developers are planning to build a replica of the famous site, which will be four times larger than the original.

While the original Taj is considered a masterpiece of world heritage, the Dubai version, which will cost about a billion dollars to build, is being marketed as a wedding destination.

“Marriage is a celebration. It needs to be announced and glorified.
Currently Dubai is not regarded as a wedding destination. People go to Bali and other exotic places to marry. Now they will come to Taj Arabia," Arun Mehra,
chairman of the Link Global Group, dished to Gulf News.

If you're not looking to marry, don't fret. This is Dubai after all and the Taj will also house a large five-star hotel and a shopping centre, plus apartments and bridal stores. The Huffington Post reported that "Taj Arabia will be part of a larger complex called Falcon City of
Wonders that will also be home to replicas of the Pyramids, the Hanging
Gardens of Babylon, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China and the
Leaning Tower of Pisa." Fingers crossed that couples can also get hitched on those famous replicas too!




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