Get Princess Bea-utiful

Get Royally fit following the Princess Beatrice plan...
Tuesday , 26 July 2011
Princess Beatrice of York
Princess Beatrice of York
Bea has inherited her figure from her mother the Dutches of York - making it hard to keep the weight off!
Bea has inherited her figure from her mother the Dutches of York - making it hard to keep the weight off!
Princess Beatrice
Princess Beatrice
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and Princess Beatrice
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and Princess Beatrice

She may not have the willowy frame of Kate Middleton, or the sporty physique of Zara Phillips, but Princess Beatrice’s blinding new body has made her the poster princess for millions of normal women across the globe, whose battle with the bulge goes beyond a couple of weeks on a low-carb diet and a few sessions of pilates.

After unflattering holiday snaps emerged of Beatrice in a bikini three years ago, the naturally curvy 19-year old embarked on a major fitness kick, which included running a marathon alongside celebs like Natalie Imbruglia, to get in shape. But rather than opting for a quick fix solution, Bea adopted the old-fashioned route to slimming down – with spectacular results. Here’s how to get fit like a royal...

Rubenesque Royal
Inheriting mother Sarah Ferguson’s classic British pear shape, Beatrice and sister Eugenie have always battled with keeping their curves in check. But while their mum’s crash dieting and yo-yoing size frequently made her the butt of tabloid jokes, Beatrice’s slow and steady approach to getting a fab figure has inspired real women everywhere to ignore faddy weight loss plans and go back to basics for the bikini bod of their dreams.

“I could probably do with losing the odd pound, so perhaps it’s the kick I need,” said Beatrice after pictures of her in an ill-fitting two piece hit the front pages in 2008. “It was such an unflattering bikini, and I’ve got one that’s so much nicer, I could have kicked myself for wearing it.”

Food For Thought
Embarking on a strict diet and exercise programme, Bea immediately cut out all sugary treats and snacks, reduced her portion sizes, ditched alcohol and upped her fruit and veg intake. Creating delicious, healthy meals in her state of the art kitchen at her St. James’ Palace apartment, and eating out at low-fat sushi restaurants like Nobu when she’s socialising with friends, 22 year-old Beatrice has lost almost 15 kilos in three years, and is the perfect example of a sustained and effective weight loss. “I feel so much better in myself these days,” says Beatrice. “I’m determined to continue this lifestyle — it’s terribly rewarding.”

Her Royal Hotness
Diet is only half the story when it comes to Bea’s weight loss. Enlisting the help of  37-year-old personal trainer Nadya Fairweather in 2009, the princess kick-started her fitness regime by running around her local park every day with the acclaimed health expert. Such was the extent of her efforts, Bea dropped two stone and three dress sizes before completing the London marathon in a super impressive time last year.

Eschewing gyms for the great outdoors, Princess B’s Dhs400 daily PT sessions include running around London’s Green Park, a power-packed 30 minutes of boxing, topped off with as many repetitions of lunges and squats as she can manage. Helping to whittle her waist, firm up her bum and tone her legs, working out with Nadya, who specialises in boxing training, stability ball work and nutrition counselling, has helped trim Bea’s hips, slimmed her tummy area and toned her entire body. And with a new found love of uber-glam, sample size designer gowns, Beatrice’s fitness fixation looks set to stay!

Bea’s Body Buffers
Forget about boring workouts in the gym – Beatrice hits the great outdoors to shape up.

Warm Up: Five minutes of skipping, step-ups on a park bench. Dynamic stretching to work the hamstrings, chest and back.
Cardio: 30 minutes of boxing, including punching, running and jumping.
Lower Body:: As many squats and lunges as she can do in ten minutes.
Upper Body: 20 minutes of weights and resistance band workouts.
Core Conditioning: Ten minutes of crunches and strengthening plank exercises, followed by stability ball work.
Cool Down: 5 minutes of gentle walking and stretching to lengthen the muscles and bring the heart rate down.

Bea’s Daily Diet
Sensible sized portions of low GI foods have helped Bea shift the kilos – and keep them off.
Breakfast: porridge and blueberries
Lunch: salmon with rice salad
Dinner: grilled chicken kebabs and roasted vegetables
Snacks: two oatcakes and peanut butter, pitta and hummus