Get Jennifer Aniston's Hair for Dhs30

We reveal where to find it right here in Dubai! You're welcome, ladies
Monday , 06 August 2012
Nice mane, Jen!
Nice mane, Jen!
You too, SJP!
You too, SJP!

Been wondering how Jen Aniston keeps that fab head of hair in A-list shape? Nope, she doesn’t have a minion on hand to sprinkle it with fairy dust. Neither does she soak in the milk of a rare breed of cow. But it is animal-related… can you guess? OK, we’ll tell you. She uses shampoo and conditioner made for horses. True story. And the best part is that you can get it in Dubai. The super product is called Mane ‘n Tail and, weirdly, you can’t grab them in the kind of high-end spots you’d expect would sell celeb beauty products. We get ours at a humble supermarket in downtown Satwa! They also stock the brand’s shine spray and detangling conditioner, which are amazeballs on thick hair. Wavy-haired New Yorker Sarah Jessica Parker loves the product too, and the company’s website promises “longer, stronger hair”.
INFO: Mane ‘n Tail range, from Dhs30, Hafeth Supermarket, 22 December Street, Satwa, Dubai.

Join the hunt! Know where else you can get Mane ‘n Tail in the Middle East? Tell us at

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