Get Inspired by Yoga Expert Barbara Currie

She really is 70!
Barbara Currie
Barbara Currie
Camel pose
Camel pose

Yoga expert Barbara Currie has been practicing yoga for over 40 years. She still teaches 16 yoga classes a week and is about to release a new DVD. “Yoga works on the mind, spirit and body, and helps with preventing osteoporosis too,” says Barbara.

My weekly workout “I teach 16 classes of yoga a week. However, I still manage to do my yoga on my own every morning. I don’t have a particular warm up exercise. The nice thing about Hatha yoga is that you can vary the intensity of the workout. So I enjoy warming up with an easier version of the exercises that I usually do. ”

We only get one body “We should keep it as healthy as possible. Think of what a Stone Age man would eat - fresh foods, fruits and vegetables. If you take care of your inner wellbeing it will project outwardly.”

It’s never too late “It’s never too late to find your passion. You will know when it comes to you; it will feel just right.”

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