Get in Shape Like the UAE’s Leading Crossfit Crew

Having scored second place in the Asia Regional CrossFit Championships, these guys are fighting fit and you can be too
ByNatasha FaruqueThursday , 29 May 2014
Get in Shape Like the UAE’s Leading Crossfit Crew
The UAE InnerFight CrossFit team

What exactly is CrossFit?

CrossFit training is a mix of numerous fitness domains, such as gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and metabolic (cardio) conditioning. The objective is to get people to move better, become fitter and stronger. There is a strong social element to working out in a group hence the added benefits are that you’ll (probably!) have fun and make firm friends within your class.

So it’s another one of those transient fitness trends?

Those who dismissed it as a fad have to admit that it seems to be here to stay; CrossFit has been around for over a decade and there are now in excess of 5,000 CrossFit gyms worldwide.

This all sounds too good to be true! Sign me up.

CrossFit is plagued with controversy. Beware, if not taught correctly, the chances of injury are high. Those looking to give it a shot need to first check in with their practitioner or fitness professional as this is a programme that stretches your body to the limit. Beginners who aren’t fit to start off with, might find this work-out a challenge they are not willing to take on.  

I think I would be fantastic at this; are there competitions I can take part in?

Yes, if you think you can take the pace.  The CrossFit games crowns the fittest male, fittest female and fittest team in the world in July every year. The Asian regional qualification for that final event was held in Seoul, South Korea on 23-25 May.

The team event consisted of 30 teams from all over Asia with six members per team, three male, three female. They competed over three days in eight events testing their fitness, gymnastics skills and Olympic weightlifting. The individual event had the top 48 males and 48 females from across Asia competing over 3 days in 7 events to find out who the fittest in Asia are.

The winners of both the individual male and female as well as the team events advance to the CrossFit Games Finals that will be held in LA in July this year.

Did anyone from the UAE compete this year?

Yes, there was a UAE’s InnerFight Crossfit Team. Phil Hesketh competed in the individuals Asia Regional Crossfit Championship, while Holly Purdy, Marcus Smith, Matt Jones, Trudy Sturkenboom, Martin Vlcek, and Carly Vlckova competed as a team. Both the team and Phil scored a fantastic second place.

INFO: InnerFight is a certified CrossFit affiliate operating out of Engine Gym, group classes for all levels start at Dhs100 per person per class, individual sessions available, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, 04 381 9999,,

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