Get Fit Like Flo Rida

Being healthy is the way forward
ByKris FadeThursday , 21 May 2015
Get Fit Like Flo Rida

I was sitting at home minding my own business when someone tweeted a picture of me back when I met Flo Rida and it got me thinking.

It was over three years ago and the GDFR rapper was here in Dubai on holiday while also doing a bit of work. We met up and hung out and I remember thinking how big his arms looked, so stupidly I challenged him to an arm wrestle and surprise-surprise he beat me with great ease.

In fairness I was hardly in the best shape back then and it wasn’t long after that that I decided to begin my epic fitness regime and transformed my bad diet into a healthy lifestyle that I can be proud of. By chance someone else then also tweeted me a picture of how I used to look, next to an image of me now and they thanked me for inspiring them to get in shape. It feels good to know that I can have a positive impact on people, and if I can do it then anybody can.

One of my favourite ways to train in the gym is by myself with a good playlist blasting in my ears. International house DJ Nicky Romero features in my track selection a heck of a lot, so it was awesome to meet him last week at Nasimi Beach where he played. He absolutely rocked the place and even tweeted me after his set. What a guy!

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