Get Dirty with Splash

Here's a sneak peek at the brand's newly launched denim collection, Splash DNM, and the edgy campaign for it
Wednesday , 02 May 2012
Cool colours from Splash DNM
Cool colours from Splash DNM
Go raw with Splash DNM
Go raw with Splash DNM
Grey's good with Splash DNM
Grey's good with Splash DNM

Want to create a stylish splash as you embrace denim? Splash's recently launched denim collection Splash DNM is the way forward. We love the variety
of fits and styles, plus the fact that the range suits all budgets being available
in three price points: basic, mid-price and high fashion.

Splash DNM  is all about the five Fs: fabric,
fashion, fit, feel and finish. And it
nails the season’s key denim trends. So you've got Raw and Rinse, Worker’s
denim, Coated denim and Vintage wash denim (in black and extreme blue). You'll
also find super stretch fabrics in ladies denim while the men have lightweight
and soft fabrics that are perfect for the summer. Add a fresh colour palette,
– think yellow, blue, green and red – and it's a bright denim future ahead! 

And if you're super hot, this is the denim to reflect
it! Splash DNM also includes a concept line of heat sensitive denims that
change colour when subjected to body heat. And you can accessorise in just as sizzling a fashion with belts, chains and suspenders that are part of the collection.

Showing off the raw and
edgy feel of denim is the special campaign Get Dirty. It was shot by ace fashion
photographer Tejal Patni in a cement factory in Dubai with a professional models
and three finalists chosen from almost 8,000 entries received on the brand’s
call to be the face of the campaign.

Raza Beig, CEO of Splash & ICONIC, had this to say
about the cool campaign, “The ‘Get Dirty’ campaign is not just about jeans, it
is about a lifestyle.  We wanted to do
something unique to launch this category and since denim is all about youth,
there was no better way to present the brand than by engaging them to be a face
of the brand."

We agree! Check out shots from the campaign and the collection right here!

INFO: The Splash DNM collection is priced between Dhs45 to Dhs160 and available at Splash stores
in the region,

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