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Namshi co-creator Louis Lebbos chats about why online shopping is the way of the future
Tuesday , 06 March 2012
Namshi co-founders Louis Lebbos, Muhammed Mekki, Annas Abedin and Hosam Arab
Namshi co-founders Louis Lebbos, Muhammed Mekki, Annas Abedin and Hosam Arab
These Friis & Company embellished pumps are available via Namshi
These Friis & Company embellished pumps are available via Namshi
Blue cocktail dress from Pink Loop
Blue cocktail dress from Pink Loop

Fashionistas rejoice! Online style destination Namshi has further expanded its range, and now offers hot shoe labels Blink, Sam Eldeman and party frock favourite Pink Loop.

The website ( has the widest selection of fashion brands in the region – think over 3,000 shoes and over 20,000 products overall, including exclusive styles not available in retail stores anywhere in the region. And better still, your purchases are shipped to wherever you are in the GCC in just a few days completely free.

We sat down with Namshi co-creator Louis Lebbos to find out about the company's quick success since its October 2011 launch and why its customers span from the fashion forward trendsetter, to the person looking for a convenient and easy shopping experience without having to go to the mall.

Why did you decide to create

Fashion e-commerce is a global trend that had not yet taken off in the GCC as it had in other parts of the world.  We launched our website to make available the largest selection of fashion brands and styles delivered directly to our customers across the region.  With distinctive service and an easy shopping experience, we are poised to become the premier destination for online shopping in the region. 

What brands do you stock now and what do you hope to introduce?

We stock hundreds of brands from the popular staples like Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Puma and Nike to the latest trends from Kelsi Dagger and Sam Edelman. We will soon be receiving products from Betsy Johnson, Charles David, Lipsy London, House of Dereon and Jeffrey Campbell. Overall the collection will cover hundreds of brands, offering shoppers a wide variety to choose from.

How is the stock delivered to customers?

It's easy! The customer makes an order online, our logistics team picks the items from our warehouse, and then we immediately deliver directly to the customer for free.  We even allow for free returns to completely take the risk out of online shipping. 

How long does it take once ordered?

We have many products that arrive at our customers' doorsteps within two to four days within the GCC. Products which we source from Europe take about 10 days to arrive, although we are shifting to 100 per cent local supply and delivery of all orders within a couple of days.

What mix of luxury vs high street brands does the website stock?

We do not promote ourselves as a high-end luxury website, however we are a fashion website which means that we will always carry some of the most fashionable brands globally, some of which will be high-end and others will be high street brands. The idea is that everyone should find something on the site.

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